Sunday… I left the freezing misty conditions, that seemed to be set to hang over the Midlands for the rest of the day, and drove into beautiful sunny conditions of Lincolnshire. 3ºC.

I decided to travel over to Stixwould, Lincolnshire this morning. I wanted to see the White-billed Diver that is swimming up and down a stretch of the River Witham. I have got to admit I was not prepared for such a long walk with all my gear. It took at least 45 minutes walk up the river to get to the Diver. But once there, I had fantastic views of the White-billed Diver. At first the Diver was swimming north, and away from where I had parked. But at least the sun was in the right direction. After about 10 minutes, the bird decided to turn round, and head back south down the Witham. So below I added a photo with the the light behind the Diver. This was number 318 on my Life List…







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