Monday…Very dull and Rainy…..9ºC

We spotted the 1st moths of the year on the SWT Wardens Office. There were 3 Mottled Umbers. One individual (Top Photo) was really well marked, and the other two were the plainer looking variety….



Although it was raining it was nice to have a walk with Ken, and also see the progress being made to the Brants Hill area. At Brants Hill I added Green Woodpecker to my year list. There was also a 50+ flock of Siskin’s just in the Forest Covert.



Sunday….The day started with thick fog, and it hardly lifted all day….8ºC

With the Waxwings turning up in the area yesterday, I really wanted to check out some of the Rowan trees on Highgate Common. Unfortunately the trees in question had already been picked clean, probably by the large numbers of Redwing we saw flying over the Island Pool. Must admit we hardly saw any wildlife.  There wasn’t even a single moth at the Wardens Office.

I went with Lyndon Davies (who took the below photo) and as we were leaving the sun decided to break out from behind the clouds, but the mist on The Common was getting thicker. Which made for a nice winter sunset…




Saturday…Really Gloomy and 8ºC

At last the Waxwings have finally invaded my local area. 30+ at Kinver. Plus 2 in Cradley Heath. I decided to go for the 2 in Cradley Heath, because I knew the road they were in so well.   With it being so gloomy this photo was the best I managed….


I will be checking out Highgate Common tomorrow!