Sunday..Over the day we had a range of conditions..Mainly Cloudy, with sunny spells and a small amount of rain. Temperatures-between 3ºC and 8ºC.

Me and Ken decided to have trip to the North East today, and try our hand at getting a possible 5 lifers for me, and 2 for Ken. The 5 proved way to hard, especially with the small amount of winter daylight hours available. But also the fact when we got to the Pacific Diver site at East Chevington NWT, there was little information about the site. In fact it was about half an hour before we found one of those Maps with…You Are Here on it. Add to that when we looked at Birdguides App on my phone… they were giving the wrong pool out. It was also about 1 hour before we found a birder to point us in the right direction. Eventually we got to the hide where the Pacific Diver was showing in front of. Unlike the White-billed Diver last week, this bird kept vanishing in the reed beds. We must have only had a couple of minutes looking at the Diver (My 5th Diver for Britain), when it disappeared in the reeds, and headed away from us. I only managed this one decent photo, and we both agreed…we may have to wait far too long before it showed again. So with number 319 Lifer under my belt, it was time to go after number 2.


The below photo is of Skinningrove, Cleveland. This was the place where we got number 2 lifer for both of us…


Our 2nd Lifer proved way easier to find, and also showed well. In fact I swear it was modelling for us. It was a shame we had waisted so much time trying to find the Pacific Diver, as the sun was disappearing behind a steep cliff, so the light was not perfect to take photos of this Eastern Black Redstart. But even so, I wish all birds would give you so many great photo opportunities. Plus the fact it was such a stunning bird and number 320 on my Life List…







In amongst the same rocks as the Eastern Black Redstart, we both got to add a Stonechat to our year list. It obviously did not want to be out done by the Redstart and posed equally as well…


Some Numpty trying to photograph the Eastern Black Redstart..


At Skinningrove, we decided to have our dinner on a bench and do a bit of seawatching. When I punched the next postcode in the Sat Nav for my number 3 lifer, it was going to take till 4pm to get there. With the light already looking gloomy, we both agreed this could be a pointless exercise. I know you must think, I may have been disappointed, only getting 2 out of the 5 lifers. But with 2 top birds under our belts, I think the day was a success.

Thanks to Ken for the photos of Skinningrove/The Numpty. Also hanging out my car window at about 70mph 🙂 to take the below photo of The Angel of the North….


So the Lifers Pallid Harrier/Pine Bunting and Black Scoter will have to wait for another day…Already looking forward to it!!!


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