Fish Update

When ever I see something new in wildlife, I always like to see if I can identify it. In this case, I could just about see enough detail on the fish the Sanderling caught Sunday. Especially the black stripe running down from it’s eye. I heavily cropped the photo so you could see the fish better…


After spending most of this afternoon looking through loads of UK saltwater fish websites, I finally found it. The fish’s common names are Butterfish or Rock Gunnel (Pholis gunnellus). It’s an amazing little fish that feeds on small Molluscs in the tidal zone. It often finds itself stranded on beaches or in rock pools. But this is no problem for the Butterfish, because unusually for a fish they can breath air through their gills. The below photo is a closer look at a Butterfish  off a UK fish website…


Doing this also gives me a chance of posting a different Sanderling photo from Sunday. Slightly better than the one trying to eat the Butterfish. Just a shame this flock of Sanderlings did not surround me in sunshine. Never mind it was still a great experience..



3 thoughts on “Fish Update

  1. Petra says:

    Sorry Andy, I only now see your reply 🙂 Unfortunately I have not heared anything it could take up to 3 weeks before they get a quote on the costs, so hopefully some time next week.

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